Getting to know the locals

When you are new to an area the likes of Auckland then it’s not always obivous who to use for serverices or where to get certain products and goods from.

By checking out a number of businesses and hearing about the experiences others are having it makes it easier to narrow down who you may want to use when the need arises.

Here’s some businesses that you may find useful, more to come over time.

Get in touch if there are others you thing should be added to the lsit and have a write up, hope this helps, thanks.

Quality Roast Spit Catering

New Zealand has a tradition it has observed for years. They love to serve spit roast at their wedding reception. No meal at this event is complete without it. The Southern Spit Roast and BBQ Company have used this much loved delicacy as their core component and have become a successful catering business. They make sure that this meal is in all of their menu packages. They have made many people happy as they can now enjoy a bit of history. This company has changed the roast spit catering industry. They have high standards and they make sure that everything is done according to both national and international standards.

They have received great reviews from pleased customers. They have used their expertise in catering to turn dreams into reality. Brides and grooms are assured of a memorable event when they contract this company to handle their wedding reception. They have the staff and resources that are required to make this big day a success. Furthermore, they do serve delicious food as well. Signing up for roast spit catering with this company is a guarantee to a lovely day with friends and family. They have great locations that are appropriate to hosting wedding receptions and corporate events. They are now offering their services to the Waikato and Northland regions as well. Residents in these areas can now have wedding receptions that they have only dreamed about.

A number of guests too have posted favorable reviews about the service they received from Southern Spit Roast and BBQ Company. Mothers are some of the people who have written in to applaud this company’s staff. They were happy that their children had a great wedding reception. Like them, many other guests were pleased that the staff went about their work in a manner that did not interfere with the day’s program. This company has excelled in roast spit catering and made their name famous in the process. For large ceremonies, the owner of this company has come up with a novel way of making the day extra special. He throws in a chauffeur driven V8 Mercedes Benz or a black Chevy truck. It does pay to have them manage your reception.

The chef and bride get to meet so as to discuss the menu. There are a number of menu packages to choose from. The bride gets to select the package that I in line with the budget the couple has. There is however something they all they have in common. The spit roast is available for each package. This means that all brides and grooms and their guests get to enjoy the delicious roast spit catering that is this company’s trademark. Check out their website and discover all the different menu packages they have. The couple is reassured of having quality catering no matter the package they choose. This is wedding reception catering at its best. They do live up to their motto of your wedding and our involvement equals your success.

Quality Accommodation in Epsom Auckland

Families, business travelers, and tourists will find that finding accommodation that is great provides an awesome experience. The Tudor Court Motor Lodge stands out in this regard.  All the rooms have been tailored to meet your needs. The facilities have been knit into the guests requirements giving them an incomparably remarkable experience.

It is not unordinary to find that accommodation in Epsom Auckland is well thought out.  At Tudor Court Motor Lodge, guests will actually experience an aura of a home away from home. The management at this motel have gone ahead to ensure that guests use fine bathroom products from Forest and Bird. This choice company spends a portion of its income its income to protect native plants, animals and wild oceans.  Fair Trade is yet another company that supplies the lodge with its beverage products. Under this arrangement, the lodge, and by extension, the guest contributes to a cause that promotes the fair treatment of employees who work hard for manufacturing companies.

Outdoor activity is the norm in this unique unit of accommodation at Epsom Auckland. The Tudor Court Motor Lodge has great facilities that guests will be grateful for. They will enjoy the BBQ and outdoor sittings that is akin to each unit. It is a fun way for your family to unwind as they share a tasty meal outside. Appreciate the thoughtful gesture that is the ideal free parking spot outside each room. This will ease up your unloading and loading. With a washing machine, dryer among other accessories, doing your laundry will be an enjoyable experience with washing powder at hand for free. A 24 hour security camera reassures guests of their safety.

Guests will find that the experience of finding accommodation in Epsom Auckland NZ booking is majorly online. At the Tudor Court Motor Lodge, a number of paying options have been made available to the guest.  If they intend to use cards, they may opt for Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Xpress. If paying in advance, they could use ETFPOS or cash. Bonds may also be used. Should the need to cancel arise, they may do so for a full refund by giving a 48 hour notice. To express their confidence in offering the fairest room rates, the lodge challenges guests to come up with lower room rates. If successful, they will have earned themselves accommodation at that lower rate. Free breakfast is part of the deal.  Assuredly, it is a challenge that’s hard to beat at any of Auckland’s motels.

For purposes of suitability at the Tudor Court Motor Lodge accommodation in Epsom Auckland comprises different categories.  There are a number of rooms of varying categories. The Executive Studio is suitable for the corporate traveler. They will enjoy free Wi-Fi with which to prepare and transact business from the comfort of your room. The Deluxe King Studio and the Deluxe Twin Studio with Kitchenettes are priceless for guests who en joy cooking. Plan to get in touch.

The NitroFill Dealers are Here

It pays to use tyres that are not a safety hazard.  They have great benefits: from safety to a high performing car with low maintenance needs. There is help for car owners and it is not an expensive deal. Amazing strides in technology have led to the introduction of nitrogen filled tyres.  This technology has made it easy to have nitrogen filled tyres available for the public. They have moved from corporations’ and into the hands of the citizenry. They have low production costs which have been passed on to the public. This means that the tires are not expensive and hard to manage.

There are a number of NitroFill dealers around the country. They supply their customers with these amazing tyres.  Customers are pleasantly surprised to realize that these previously high end products are now easy to access. They have been in use for a long time. Institutions concerned with high safety issues have been using them. These include Formula One, the US Military, Nascar and the Tour de France.

Owning these remarkable tyres has benefits. ON purchasing them, the car owners earn an automatic free membership into the NitroFill Auto Club. As members they get to enjoy high quality 24 hour services. This includes a 24 hour tyre repair and replacement coverage; 24 hour emergency towing and 24 hour roadside assistance. Check out their NZ website ( and learn more about their services and the NitroFill dealers in your area. It is worth the money spent on the tyres.

What are the advantages of using nitrogen filled tyres as opposed to the well known oxygen filled ones? The oxygen filled ones leak faster. The oxygen molecules in compressed air are smaller and therefore prone to leak three to four times faster. To avoid this NitroFill generators filter air and separate it from oxygen and water vapor. The nitrofill dealers will confirm that their customers do not have to stop over frequently to check pressure.

The NitroFill tyres are no longer expensive. The Pneumatech technology has made it easier to cut down production costs. The old technology had large and expensive equipment which drove costs through the roof. This meant that very few people could use them because of the prohibitive costs. The current technology has simplified everything. Nitrofill dealers have gained a lot from the NitroFill generators that are simple to install, safe and cost effective.

NitroFill tyres are also used by Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and military installations. The tyres are durable. Nitrogen has made them the preferred tyres of choice because they are safe to use. These organizations value safety and they have gone for the best. The public is now able to access these tyres that enhance safety for all in the vehicle. They too can take advantage of the money and time saving product and enjoy the cars improved performance and handling. They are the tyres to use.  Sign up and enjoy the benefits of using this tried and tested product. It is a great investment.

Use Auckland Florists for Your Flower Delivery

Sending flowers to someone is always a decision that needs careful attention, you want to know that you have chosen the right fresh flowers, you need to know the flowers you are sending are in fact fresh and most important, you want peace of mind that the Auckland florists you have chosen will deliver on the day you have chosen to surprise the recipient.


Auckland florists such as Windsor Florist offer the convenience of flower delivery throughout Auckland and worldwide, enabling you to send flowers to loved ones without the hassle.

Choose the fresh flowers you want to send, maybe add a balloon or card and enjoy the fact that they will be delivered on time to bring a smile to someone’s face.

The perfect solution for birthdays, valentines and any special occasion. You can even just send a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers as a surprise gift to your special someone.

Fresh Every Time

There is something about fresh flowers that always brings joy and a cheerful smile. Windsor Florist only send the freshest of flowers, making them a top choice when looking for Auckland florists.

If you know someone that is unwell but just don’t have the time to visit them to see how they are doing, you can let them know you are thinking of them by sending a bunch of fresh flowers with a get well card.

Any Occasion

Fresh flowers are a great solution for any occasion from weddings to gifts and funerals and annual balls. Brighten up a room, brighten up someone’s day or say goodbye with a bouquet or wreath of fresh flowers from these Auckland florists.

Windsor Florist only use the freshest of flowers and with years of experience they can make your hall look spectacular. They have a solid reputation catering to weddings and a variety of special occasions with timely deliveries.

Make a Statement

Fresh flowers can make a big statement especially if you want to impress someone special. A simple thank you, I love you or even get well soon can all be said with a bouquet of flowers from Windsor Florist.

There is nothing more exciting than a delivery of fresh flowers at your home or office. These deliveries make you feel special so whether it’s a birthday or any special occasion you can make a statement and send someone you know fresh flowers from Windsor Florist and have them delivered to make their day that little bit special.

About Windsor Florist

Windsor Florist are Auckland florists based in Papakura offering fresh flower deliveries throughout Auckland with worldwide deliveries also available.

They offer flowers for all occasions and have experience doing beautiful arrangements for weddings, funerals and balls.

For that special message add a balloon, chocolates and a card to your flower delivery, making it a flower arrangement to remember from congratulations to get well soon, fresh flowers can always make a lasting impression.

How to locate the Best Onehunga Electrician

Below are some guidelines to use for finding a good Onehunga electrician like Mark Swords Electrical in your area.

Licensing is always important for any electrician. If you are definitely going to be searching for an electrician you need to be certain that you will be finding ones which are certified and are certified for various careers.

The kinds of services that an Onehunga electrician can deal with should be examined on too. There are all sorts of things that electrician can take good care of. For instance, an electrician could work to test for wires located in the earth which can be located prior to a digging process is used. Another common thing that the electrician can perform is to repair damaged wires or a damaged fusebox. Regardless of what the concern is it will see if that duty can be handled by a licensed electrician.

Onehunga electricianPrior experiences are also significant. This is especially important because of how if the electrician is not able to do something correctly there is a possible risk of damages to your property occurring.

It will be essential to look into any references that an electrician as also. The electrician must have references that imply details on the procedures the electrician has handled previously. By getting details from references you can easily discover more about what you’re definitely going to be getting into having an electrician.

A great Auckland electrician like Mark at will work to manage numerous different things using the appropriate tools. The best electricians will generally have the most up to date tools for the task in addition to technology that may handle more jobs.

If you’re going to want electrical services Don’t forget to watch for these parts of electricians. These parts contain materials, experiences and capabilities the electrician at heart has. You can get more from the electrical needs when you employ the most suitable electrician.

How to Find Roofers Auckland

Finding roofers Auckland is not a decision that should be taken lightly. In fact if you think about the roof of your property is a huge investment and one that you need peace of mind with that the work will be done professionally by a qualified team.

The hardest decisions is finding the best roofers and then deciding on the type of roof you want. Firstly the company you choose to do the installation for you should have many years’ experience in the industry, they should be reliable, offer a high standard and most important, they should be qualified roofers with good experience.

Next is the type of roof you want, do you want long run or shingle styled asphalt? Do you have an idea on which is the better option in your area? Maybe the roofers Auckland you choose will be able to offer you the advice you need. Riteline Roofing will offer all the advice you need to make the right selection.

Riteline Roofing

Riteline Roofing is a family owned and operated business that has been in the building industry for over twenty years. They are reliable, honest and trustworthy with a team of professional roofers that are qualified and experienced. These roofers Auckland offer a high standard value for money roofing solution for your property with an eye for detail to ensure the job is done to the highest standard.

roofers Auckland

Roofing Requirements

There are times when you desperately need repairs carried out on your roof, maybe you need a new roof installation or you need some re-rafting done, you want to be able to call a trustworthy and reliable company that can manage this and more.

Riteline Roofing offer long run and asphalt shingle roofing solutions with a range of products and services to meet your individual requirements whether you are installing a new roof on your home or business property.

These roofers Auckland handle new installations, re-rafting or inspection and maintenance. They offer only the highest quality products, asbestos removal, re-pitching and even moss control, recoating and repointing. Basically any roofing requirement you have, this good and reputable company can help.

Do You Need a Roofer?

Maybe you’ve noticed the water leak that seems to be coming from the roof, but you’re not sure or your roof hasn’t been inspected or maintained for many years and the wet weather is on the way.
Getting professional roofers Auckland to your property to do a thorough inspection and carry out any maintenance work can save you money in the long run. Over time your roof may need replacing or you may want to convert your tile roof to long run roofing, either way only a professional team of roofers should carry out the work to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard.

Is the moss growing out of control on your roof or maybe it’s tired and worn and needs recoating, these are all reasons to call in the professionals. Riteline Roofing is available to handle all your roofing requirements with ease.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of running water coming from upstairs is not the best experience anyone can have. Do you need to call an emergency plumber in the early hours?

You’re half asleep and the sound of water is deafening, you make your way to the bathroom where you find a burst pipe, water is pouring out of the bathroom and down the stairs. There are some steps you need to take and then calling a plumber is definitely on the cards.

How Urgent is It?

emergency plumberThe first thing you need to determine is how urgent is it? Do you need an emergency plumber or can it wait until tomorrow? Then again, tomorrow there may be no plumbers available to come out on a moment’s notice.

You need a qualified and professional plumber that will come out when you need them, Ross’s Plumbing in Auckland offers this service, they are available to handle all your plumbing, drainage and gas problems throughout the day or night.

Once you’ve turned off the water mains, cleaned up the mess and searched for a reputable plumber that is available to assist you, you need to know where the water is coming from and whether the problem is in fact your responsibility.

Are You Responsible?

Calling an emergency plumber is one thing, but is the problem your responsibility? Before you call the plumber, it may be worthwhile determining what the problem is and where it originates from. You may find it’s actually your water supplier’s problem and they usually have a team available twenty four hours a day.

In the event that it’s not the water company’s problem, then call the plumber, but be ready to ask some questions and answer some obvious questions. Bear in mind that some jobs cannot be repaired at two in the morning, parts need to be ordered and the solution may be to switch off the water mains until the plumber can get the parts first thing in the morning and get out to you.

Be Specific

When calling an emergency plumber, like Ross’s Plumbing in Auckland be ready to offer specific information on what the problem is. This way the plumber can make an informed decision on whether they are able to carry out the repairs there and then or whether it will need to wait until the morning.

Of course in some cases repairs are urgent and need to be handled immediately, which is why you have these reputable plumbers on call whether it’s your hot water cylinder, blocked toilet, a leaking roof or even a drainage problem that is causing this early morning chaos.

Be sure to ask some questions from the plumber before asking them to come out to your home. This should include the guarantee they offer, are they insured and what qualifications they hold.

Ross’s Plumbing is a member of the Master Plumber Quality Assurance Programme and they offer a Master Plumber’s Guarantee, enabling you to phone this emergency plumber with confidence.