Get Fast Cash Loans the Easy Way

Obtaining a loan hasn’t been the easiest process in the past few months. Banks are cracking down on their lending processes causing more declined applications than ever before.

The number of people needing fast cash loans hasn’t changed, leaving these people sitting in limbo without being able to complete necessary vehicle or home repairs. This is where the online financial providers come in.

Online Applications

One of the private financial providers in New Zealand, Yes Finance, recommend that people looking for fast cash loans take advantage of the online application process they offer.

The online application is so easy and quick, a customer can complete the form within minutes and submit it, so the team can get working on it as soon as possible. Once Yes Finance have confirmed employment status, age and credit history they are able to give an answer.

This reduces the waiting time for fast cash loans dramatically and with more people being approved through their system, people are able to get the cash they need in the shortest space of time.

Yes Finance

Yes Finance are in the business of saying “yes” to as many loan applications as possible. At this privately owned financial provider has they been helping New Zealand residents get the fast cash loans they need since 1997.

They do have certain criteria which must be met which includes applicants being over the age of eighteen and have New Zealand residence. They then take employment status, credit history and some other factors into consideration to make a quick and informed decision on the application.

Yes Finance need to ensure that anyone applying through their site is able to pay back the loan that they so desperately need. It’s one thing needing money, but it’s a whole other thing to ensure it’s paid back in a timely manner.

This financial provider offers a range of customer focussed financial solutions from secured and unsecured personal loans to vehicle financing, boat financing, business loans and more.

Difference between Secured and Unsecured Loans

When needing fast cash loans chances are you are going to try and secure an unsecured loan. These loans are offered on creditworthiness and do not require assets to be put down as security.

In cases where the applicant doesn’t appear to be credit worthy enough and Yes Finance cannot be guaranteed a timely payment, they may suggest a secured loan. Secured loans are when security is taken to back up the loan, this may be a vehicle or home.

The asset is then used to secure the loan so the applicant can get the cash they need in the shortest space of time, but should they not pay for any reason the asset they put forward will be used to offset the outstanding balance.

The advantage to having two options is that Yes Finance are able to approve more loans that many of the other lenders. They have an easy process that they use and can make a decision within a few hours, so the applicant can have the cash in their bank as quickly as possible.

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